Making time for your vintage pencils

Has it been a week already?

I’ve been sorting and cleaning and photographing many hundreds of pencils but there are sooo many left to process.

All this and I’m trying to get my Christmas offerings finalized so I can set those scenes and photograph them.

I don’t want to complain but … I’m complaining!!!

After three weeks of intending to, I finally started on a big batch of cool old pieces with terrible ferrules which needed replacing.

I tried cleaning them but they’re just pure rust. So, I’m removing the yuck ferrules and replacing them with the aircraft aluminum caps I’ve been using for my Nicely Appointed Pencils.

Each one will also sport a nice Genuine Faultless Pencil Clip.

Oh yeah!!! The brass string pencil caps I ordered from Istanbul have finally arrived.

So, I’m going to be turning some select pencils into string pencils with solid brass caps.

Pretty freakin snazzy.

Crossing my fingers that they work.

The caps are a bit shallow, so I’m not sure if there will be room for the knot and with enough space left over to attach to the pencil.

But, if it works, they could be pretty pretty pretty good, as Larry David would say.

I’ve been meaning to do a bunch more pencil tests and reviews but, you know how that goes.

Between pencils and my freelance writing jobs, the work just doesn’t seem to stop.

It’s a good reminder: no matter how busy you get, be sure to make some time for your pencils.

They miss you!

Well, here’s hoping you have a Pencilly Day!


Published by Ben Gohs

Benjamin J. Gohs is a longtime journalist, novelist, and essayist who writes from Michigan, where he shares an apartment with one very patient woman and two spoiled dogs.

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