Vintage pencil review: Eagle Reliable vs. Eagle Scholastic

I rarely shut up about Eagle pencils, and I’ve probably told everyone I’ve ever met that the Eagle Reliable 305 No.1 is my favorite pencil of all time.

Wonder of wonders, late last week, I got a shipment of vintage colored pencils which included a batch of Eagle Scholastic 230 No. 2 and Eagle Reliable 305 No. 2 pencils.

So, of course, I had to give them a test drive.

Both write on the dark side of number two, which I like.

Both are pretty smooth, though the Reliable is a bit smoother.

The Scholastic has just a touch of scratch, which I usually don’t care for but it’s not enough to put me off.

Aesthetically, I don’t love the umber-brown. But, the brilliant silver text is quite nice.

Point retention is pretty good on both pencils and they don’t smudge too badly, though the Scholastic seems to be just a touch harder than the Reliable.

All in all, understanding that I am totally biased in favor of all Eagle brand pencils, these are both winners.

Published by Ben Gohs

Benjamin J. Gohs is a longtime journalist, novelist, and essayist who writes from Michigan, where he shares an apartment with one very patient woman and two spoiled dogs.

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