Reviewing a Write Notepads and Co. tablet

My Write Notepads & Co. tablets arrived last evening. Wrote a half a page in ink before bed.

First impressions—pretty nice. Ink went on smooth. No bleed.
Rear cover is quite heavy.

Front cover could be a little heavier but has a good feel.

Paper is a good quality but a little smoother than I’m used to.

Will get a better idea after some pencil tests this morning.

This tablet is beautiful to look at … and it beats my old Mead spiral notebooks by having pages that DON’T stick together.

And, the sturdy binding looks like it won’t be easily bent out of shape.

I’m always griping that I’d be willing to pay for quality if more companies would stop making flimsy junk.

Write Notepads & Co. landscape notebook is up there with the best I’ve used—the only rival is the Peter Pauper Press notebook … but they don’t (that I’ve seen) make a top spiral pad. ☹️

At $20 plus shipping—I got free shipping but I had to order a little over $60 to qualify—I’m not yet sure how I feel about the price.

Especially long term, since I burn through so many notebooks in a year.
But, so far, I’m happy with the purchase.

Published by Ben Gohs

Benjamin J. Gohs is a longtime journalist, novelist, and essayist who writes from Michigan, where he shares an apartment with one very patient woman and two spoiled dogs.

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