The Joy of Graphite!

Pencils are so much more than paint, cedar, brass, and graphite … they symbolize ideas, endless possibilities, and fresh starts.

They take us back to the innocence of our schooldays and help us do our jobs as adults. Pencils allow us to plan our weeks and remember we need to pick up milk.

Through crosswords and table games, brainstorming and homework, pencils are there for us. Whether simple or elegant, for collecting or for every day, the pencil you choose should represent your mission and aesthetic.

Most of all, it should bring you joy!

That’s why I’m sharing the immense joy of new and vintage graphite with Pencil Pals all over the USA!

Ultimately, a new pencil is a present to yourself.

I really hope you enjoy my new and vintage pencil pictures and reviews.

And, if you’d like to treat yourself to some new & vintage graphite, please consider visiting my Etsy shop.

Ben Pencils

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