Reviewing a Write Notepads and Co. tablet

My Write Notepads & Co. tablets arrived last evening. Wrote a half a page in ink before bed. First impressions—pretty nice. Ink went on smooth. No bleed.Rear cover is quite heavy. Front cover could be a little heavier but has a good feel. Paper is a good quality but a little smoother than I’m usedContinue reading “Reviewing a Write Notepads and Co. tablet”

Vintage pencil review: Eagle Reliable vs. Eagle Scholastic

I rarely shut up about Eagle pencils, and I’ve probably told everyone I’ve ever met that the Eagle Reliable 305 No.1 is my favorite pencil of all time. Wonder of wonders, late last week, I got a shipment of vintage colored pencils which included a batch of Eagle Scholastic 230 No. 2 and Eagle ReliableContinue reading “Vintage pencil review: Eagle Reliable vs. Eagle Scholastic”

Vintage pencil review: Hardtmuth 355 6B Sketching

There’s no way the L&C Hardtmuth 355 6B Sketching pencil was made for writing but I couldn’t resist giving this very old gem a test-drive. First, the pencil is oval shaped. It’s not quite as big around as a jumbo but it can’t be too far off. After writing a few customer letters, I’m sortContinue reading “Vintage pencil review: Hardtmuth 355 6B Sketching”

Vintage pencil review: National’s Fuse-Tex Test Scoring 7000

Not sure what I was expecting with this nice old National’s “Fuse-Tex” Test Scoring 7000 pencil but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless. So many older pencils I find have varying degrees of scratchiness but the Test Scoring 7000 model is super smooth and writes quite dark. Almost feels like a No. 1 pencil. Aesthetically, IContinue reading “Vintage pencil review: National’s Fuse-Tex Test Scoring 7000”

Making time for your vintage pencils

Has it been a week already? I’ve been sorting and cleaning and photographing many hundreds of pencils but there are sooo many left to process. All this and I’m trying to get my Christmas offerings finalized so I can set those scenes and photograph them. I don’t want to complain but … I’m complaining!!! AfterContinue reading “Making time for your vintage pencils”

Pencil Review: Empire “ARCO” 88

If we’ve chatted in the last few months, you’ve probably heard me rant about my love of the unsung hero of the graphite world—the Empire “ARCO” 88 No. 2 pencil. This unassuming writer doesn’t have fancy fonts or a particularly brilliant paintjob. There’s nothing remarkable about its ferrule and its shape is fairly pedestrian. WhatContinue reading “Pencil Review: Empire “ARCO” 88″

Bring me bouquets of newly sharpened pencils

My favorite early memory of pencils is of me going to the school store in seventh grade. It’s the first I can remember scrounging dimes and nickels in order to procure a fresh writing instrument. The look of them all long and glossy with their shiny collars and clean pink tops. Sparkly pencils, red-white-and-blue pencils,Continue reading “Bring me bouquets of newly sharpened pencils”